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Mi versión a lo Jerry Lee Lewis de este tema cantado también por Frankie Ford y Shakin' Stevens entre Mi version in Jerry Lee style of this song also
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HEMSBY 46 BOAT CRUISE Bernie + Levi Dexter SEA CRUISE Shake rattle & roll
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Merry Christmas Everyone (shakin' stevens) go-charts musical arrangements
audio example of ('s) musical arrangement (7/8 piece) of 'Merry Christmas Everyone' by shakin'
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Marysville High School Drumline 2012-"The Sea"
This is my high schools drum line performing our 2012 competition show titled "The Sea" I play fourth bass Songs (in order) Unfurling the Sails Wade in the
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Shakin' Stevens Tribute by Darren Price
Darren Price sings lipstick powder &
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Chris MacDonald performing on Sea Escape Cruise - Medley
Chris MacDonald performs That's All Rider Medley on Sea Escape
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The Amazing 60ies, GUBBROCKARNA, Vasa stadsteater 2014 Shakin' ALL Over (Johnny Kidd and The Pirates)
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The Three Bars featuring Nicky Roberts - Carribean Cruise
The Three Bars featuring Nicky Roberts - Carribean Cruise Armour
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Florida Georgia Line - Cruise (in-studio Nash FM 94.7)
Florida Georgia Line stopped by the Nash FM studios to chat with Kelly Ford about their tour and recent ACM nomination for Best New They stuck
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Phil Phillips - Sea Of Love
the greatest song ever no 1 on the Billboard R&B chart and no 2 on the Billboard Hot 100 in year the best music all
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Tom Waits - Sea of Love (Vincent Peters Photography)
From the soundtrack of the movie "Sea of Love" (1989) Come with me my love to the sea / "There's no prayer like ― Tom Waits The sea of love I want
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Southern Hospitality "SoHo" - Don't Boogie Woogie
Showroom At Sea - Legendary Rhythm & Blues Cruise -
Elvis Presley Shake, Rattle & Roll (Karaoke)
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Shakin' All Over The Wild Angels 0001
This track is not going to be on the forthcoming album "The Wild Angels Ride The version on the album is sung by Keith Read but this one is sung by
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Monsters of Rock Cruise Update from the balcony 3/17/13
MOR update from balcony on MSC
Phil Phillips - Sea Of Love
Bio: John Phillip Baptiste, 14 March 1931, Lake Charles, Louisiana, Phillips wrote his one hit, "Sea Of Love", to impress a would-be girlfriend in
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SEA OF HEARTBREAK - The HOUSE version - directed by Philippe Monnet
Video Clip of Credit and the Cashiers' rendition of Sea of Heartbreak, directed by Philippe
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Filmed by Ruthie at Hemsby 47 rock & roll weekender 8th October
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Hemsby 45 boat cruise KAT & K9s Bernie + Levi Dexter ART ADAMS
Filmed by Ruthie 10th Oct 2010 on the Hemsby boat Please see my photo album of this event
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Juke Box Jive circa 1986 The Shape I'm In
This is a clip of the original line up from 1986 featuring Billy Dean as lead Apologies for the poor There are a number of bands sporting
Filmed by Ruthie 15th May This was Levi Dexter's special guest spot with Bill Fadden & The Rhythm
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Filmed by Ruthie 15th May This was Levi Dexter's special guest spot with Bill Fadden & The Rhythm Watch out for Levi's beautiful 50s pinup
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Hemsby 47 Boat cruise OLD STUFF TRIO (from Brazil) jam session
Filmed by Ruthie at Hemsby 47 rock & roll weekender 8th October The old stuff Trio are a band from Two of their band
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This is from a showcase at NQC This family group is composed of Tami and Rich Stevens and their daughter
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The Chessnuts - La Mer (Beyond The Sea)
Jive Collectors by: DJ "Doctor D"
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The Greyhounds Sugaree
The Greyhounds at Arties River Stage Troy
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heart heart julia - come on lets cruise
Music video for heart heart julia's hit Come on lets cruise from the Lord Did She Sing album released on i had An Accident
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ultimate rock n roll show
new 2 hour show,staring wayne tulsa as elvis presley cliff richard & billy fury,paul andrews as shakin stevens,buddy holly and marty wild telephone
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The Chessnuts at the Cruise Inn 9-18-10 Farewell Party Maurits
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George Lynch, Frank Hannon, and John Corabi - Whole Lotta Love (part 1) - Monsters of Rock Cruise
George Lynch (Lynch Mob), Frank Hannon (Tesla), and John Corabi (The Scream/Motley Crue) perform Led Zepplin's, Whole Lotta Love in a very impromptu jam
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A Whole Lotta Shakin
Swedish Rock & Roll
The Shakin' Arrows True Love
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the plimpies "frittering" - live at the mason's arms, bury st.edmunds - 28/4/10
"the plimpies" are david & this video, recorded in a somewhat shakey manner (wobbling; not shakin' stevens), shows us at the semi-final of the
The Sureshots på "Rock at sea" 13 Nov - "Ready Teddy"
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