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Jagannathpuri Mahotsav - Part-2-E
Bal Yuva Mahotsav 2013 - Sardhar
To Save Our Childs and Youth from Western Culture and to teach them our spirtuality and indian culture and indian walcome to
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Sant Param Hitkari Godi...
swaminarayan Kirtan
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Jagannathpuri Mahotsav - Part-1-E
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Swaminarayan Dhun - 51
Swaminarayan Dhun at Pandav Park,
orch karva with swarit.mp4
SA RE GA MA LI'L champ "SWARIT SHUKLA" sing song with orcheshtra "KARVA" On KISHOR KUMAR'S samadhi at khandawa on kishor kumar's birth anivarsari 4
L-You - Ajo koh
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swarit shukle .....sufi song sufiyana
Mayur pandey , Shree Mohan shukle {Swarit's father} on Dholak and Prem Vyas on
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Swaminarayan- Suvarna Shikhar Documentary - vadtal
jay shree
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swarit shukle......Me nigahe tere chehre se hataun
On Mohan Shukle (father)
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Rambhai Bheembai Madyalo Dreamboy - Song Promos
Cast : Bramahanandam, Krishnudu Etc, Music by Raj
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Harmony School of Music RAMBHAI MISTRY
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Swarit Shukle-- Raag Rageshri ---
Performed in Jayanti Samaroh Organized by Vasant Sangit Mahavidyalaya INDORE 2013------Mohan Shukle (Swarit's father) on Harmonium and
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swarit shukle and family
Well known saregamapa lil genious Swarit shukle alongwith his mother Mrs Shakuntala shukle performing a Gujrati bhajan at accompany his father shri
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Swarit shukle.......... Yahooo chahe koi mujhe jungly kahe
Harmonium--Mohan Shukle , Keyboard--Rajkumar , Octopad--Prem
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Pedal Ashya Ji Sanwariya *Hit Krishan Bhajan* Album: Khatu Mein Bhagya Jaga Lo
Hit Krishan Bhajan Album: Khatu Mein Bhagya Jaga Lo Singer: Shyam Aggarwal Copyright: Shree Cassettes Vendor A2Z Music Media Watch " Pedal Ashya Ji
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Swarit practicing on Tabla
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swarit's mother and father duet song.....Teri aankhon ke siva
this song is from movie Prem Vyas on Tabla and Rajkumar on
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Gaddi Khatu Ja Re Saha " Top Hari Bhajan " By Sanjay Panchal
Hindi Hari Bhajan : Gaddi Khatu Ja Re Saha Album: Gaddi Khatu Ja Re Saha Singer: Sanjay Panchal Copyright: Purva Music Watch Gaddi Khatu Ja Re Saha from the
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Nitya Niyam 01 ( Swaminarayan )
Nitya Niyam 01 ( Swaminarayan Mandir Bagasra )
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Shangar Aarti Darshan 19 August 2013
shree Gopinathji maharaj in Shree Swaminarayan temple Gadhada - live Daily Shangar Aarti Darshan Video, Akshardham
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Raag Hans Dhun
Performance for Warwick University!
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Saregamapa L 'il Champs 2011 July 16 '11 Anmol SearchAllMP3 com mp4
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Hari bin koi na tera
ssgd by Bhajan
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