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Natalie Cole ft. Ruben Studdard - When I Fall in Love
Hitman Returns: David Foster & Friends 2010 WHEN I FALL IN LOVE - Natalie Cole Ruben Studdard When I fall in love It will be forever Or I'll never fall
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Ruben Studdard - Home (David Foster&Friend Hit Man Returns 2011)
Hitman Returns was filmed before a sold out crowd last year at the Mandalay Bay in Las The lineup of talent, lead by Foster as maestro of ceremonies,
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(DOWNLOAD) Ruben Studdard - Unconditional Love (Deluxe Edition)(m4a iTunes)
Download: Tracklist: 01 The Nearness of You 02 Close the Door 03 Love, Look What You've Done To Me 04 I Can't Make You Love Me 05
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Ruben Studdard - Love, Love, Love
From the album Unconditional Love © 2014
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Ruben Studdard - Unconditional Love (Full Album Review)
Ruben Studdard - Unconditional Love (Full Album Review) Tracklist: The Nearness Of You Close The Door Love, Look What You've Done To Me I Can't
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Ruben Studdard - The Nearness Of You
From the album Unconditional Love © 2014
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Ruben Studdard - My Love
Unconditional Love
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Ruben Studdard & Candice Glover: Dionne Warwick Tribute Soul Train Awards 2013
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Ruben Studdard - Medicine (For Someone Else)
Ruben Studdard and The Black Academy Choir perform this comforting soul ballad "Medicine (For Someone Else)" from the CD "Medicine: Live At The Black
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Ruben Studdard- I Need an Angel
ruben doin his
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Ruben Studdard - Imagination ( Sessions)
Ruben studdard covers this classic
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Ruben Studdard - They long to be (Close to you)
Ruben Studdard - They long to be (Close to you) Unconditional love
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Ruben Studdard + Candice Glover - A House is Not a Home - Soul Train 2013 Dionne Warwick Tribute
Disclaimer: No Copyright Infringement I Own Absolutely None Of These Videos (Unless Otherwise Stated) Copyrights belong to their original
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Ruben Studdard "Gift From God" Directed by B Mason
Download new EP at Twitter @rubenstuddard Visuals Twitter @bmason2u
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Ruben Studdard - June 28th ( Session)
Ruben Studdard performs June 28th during a Session in New
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Thank You ft. Ruben Studdard
I found this song in my play list and I wanted to share If anyone knows the name of the singer or group please let me know so that I can acknowledge
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Take a Listen to Ruben Studdard June28Th (I'm Single)
"June 28th (I'm Single)" is the official new single from Ruben Studdard's most prolific and personal album yet entitled 'Letters From This is
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Ruben Studdard "Just Because"
American Idol Winner Ruben Studdard lends his beautiful voice to Alzheimer's Research
Ruben Studdard lends his voice and time to Alzheimer's awareness and Here he is, debuting a song that lends itself to awareness and This
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Ruben Studdard's Accompanist
Ruben's amazing Wow!
Ruben Studdard "June 28th"
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Ruben Studdard "Caribbean Queen," Timeless Tour - Milwaukee - 2010
This is 26th in series of a Play List of Clay Aiken & Ruben Studdard's "Timeless Tour" concert in Milwaukee, WI on 3rd, Part of 80's Medley;
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Ruben Studdard 2012 Music Camp (8 of 8)
Students final performance - "One Voice"
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Keke Wyatt "Saturday Love" feat Ruben Studdard
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Together(Female Version)
Ruben Studdard's song "Together" but it's sung from the female It's meant to have a background and lead vocals, so I was having to do A
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Omar singing superstar by Ruben Studdard
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Together (Instrumental)
Since the day that we met girl I aint never had anyone make me feel this way And my heart is sure it wants to be with you Wanna to give you the whole world
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New Year, New Motivation for 2014
New album "Unconditional Love" features Lalah Hathaway and Stevie Wonder available everywhere February 4, 2014! #Meant2Be2014 Pre-order your copy today:
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Celebrating Black History Month - February 2014
Enjoy the great sound of Fourplay !!! Guest vocalists Ruben Studdard appear's on the soulful "Love "There was a break to reload the cameras, recalls
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Bo Bice singing Life in a Northern town and in the USA in Branson, Missouri With Ruben Studdard, Vonzelle Solomon, RJ Helton and Katie
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Shaliek "Ain't Supposed To Cry"
Available now on iTunes: Like Shaliek on Facebook -
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Emily Cowan - Meant To Be Together (Official )
Go to for a free iTunes mastered version of this song!!** You and I go way back Oh oh oh oh Even though we just
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Callaghan - "It Was Meant to Be" - Live in Philadelphia
Callaghan sings on her tour across
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WEEK 64 SONG "MEANT TO BE" by bill jardine
WEEK 64 SONG "MEANT TO BE" by bill jardine What can I say other than the words sum up what I was feeling at the We had a He's 24 now and we
DownloadDownload Full Album05:31 min | 5.17MB
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