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CHA-CHA 'Phonographic Love'
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Paul McCartney awarded by the British Phonographic Industry [1983] Rare footage
The BRIT Awards are awarded annually by the British Phonographic McCartney has won 7 BRIT awards and 1 Classic Brit Awards In 1983 he was
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Gauge, Rubix, I.G. Off & Hazardous - Phonographic Material
from "Superrappin Mix-CD!" (2001) Producer : DJ
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ADAM CURRY @ 1989 British Phonographic Awards (BPI)
ALL of the music clips on this channel can be easily accessed via the listing that you will find HERE:
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Edison cylinder phonograph playing "Listen to the Mocking Bird"
This is a 1905 Edison Home Phonograph(model B)playing an Edison Blue Amberol cylinder (#1514) entitled "The Mocking Bird - This was recorded
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How To Record A Phonograph Cylinder: Making A Cornet Solo - "Waltz La Serenata"
Here is an instructional video on how to make a simple cylinder recording, showing the necessary materials and helpful The recording starts at
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Croatia Squad - Phonographic (Original Mix)
Croatia Squad - Phonographic (Original Mix)
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2Pac Pain (REMIX BR Style) By Rj Al´lied Productions phonographic
Mogi Guaçu Sao Paulo Brazil /Rj Al´lied Productions Studio Rj
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The Alice Rose: Phonographic Memory Recording Session
Recording our first record Phonographic Memory at Congress House Studio, May 18th,
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l.G. Off And Hazadous - Phonographic Material (Instrumental)
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Frenic - Phonographic Introduction
Uploaded via JustGo Music Grow your
Daron Norwood - Phonographic Memory
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Curtis Wright - Phonographic Memory
Curtis Wright - Phonographic
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PHONOGRAPHIC in da ŠENK 5.4.2013
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Phonographic - Leave me
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1898 Columbia BROWN WAX Phonograph Cylinder "PAWN BROKER SALE OF UNREDEEMED PLEDGES" Russell Hunting
I've dug deep into my early brown wax cylinder collection and found a real This delightful early brown wax cylinder has the splendid announcement
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01-Phonographic Introduction
Album-The Future Will Be Better
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The Who Substitute British Phonographic Industry Award Lifetime
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C. Double34 Music - Phonographic
The Music & Sampling: Double34 Music -uploaded in HD at
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Ominous Beats- Phonographic Dub
Ominous Beats- Phonographic
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Curtis Wright - Phonographic Memory
From the album Curtis Wright
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Phonographic String Trio
Alexandra Ebeling, Aiden Mark, Tobias Schmitt live
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Royal British Phonographic Society - Run Out Grooves for John Adair (Stereo)
Tribute to australian artist and crate digger!!!
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Butt Spencer - 13 - Super-Man VS. (The) Phonographic Industry
Faixa extraída do segundo disco da extinta banda catarinense Butt Spencer, "Dogmas, Dilemas e Perguntas sem Respostas" lançado em 2001 de forma
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Phonographic Speedmachine - Search & Destroy Live @ RSG
Phonographic Speedmachine - Search & Destroy Live @ RSG
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Skin Graft - Live @ Phonographic Arts 7/9/2010
Wyatt Howland performs as Skin Graft at Phonographic Arts in Cleveland,
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Phonographic Speedmachine - Foxy Lady Live @ RSG
Phonographic Speedmachine - Foxy Lady Live @ RSG Rotterdam
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Phonographic Speedmachine Live @ RSG
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Switters - Date Night | Official Clip
Music and Lyrics by Switters Directed by Switters and Sweet Spot Creative Performed, produced and mixed by Switters @ Strawberry Street Studio Guitars
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Björk - Unison
Björk - Unison album Vespertine (2001) video by Ivaylo Nikolov Phonographic Copyright (p) -- Björk Overseas Phonographic Copyright (p) -- One Little
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Phonographic Etchings - Major Major Dance Corporation
From the 2010 album "Third Electronic Jazz from the MMDC (recorded from the original vinyl ;-) )
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moe lauging record north american phonograph co 2m 1894
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Paul McCartney received the Freedom of The City Of Liverpool award 1984 {Rare news footages}
Rare news footages from the ceremony on which Paul McCartney was awarded by the title of Honorary Freedom of the City of Liverpool , 28th November
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Depeche Mode - Heaven (Freemasons Club Mix / dj ro-land© Edit) 2013
Depeche Mode - Heaven (Freemasons Club Mix / dj ro-land© Video Edit) 2013 available as :
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