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Music I Like - Karthik
MUSIC I LIKE - This album is a collection of some of the most popular kritis (traditional Carnatic classical compositions) sung by one of the leading
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Krithi: Nagumomu Ganaleni; Raagam: Abheri; Thalam: Aadi; Composer: Thyagaraja; Violin: Kamalakiran Vinjamuri, Mridangam: , Venue: Thyagaraya Gana Sabha,
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Diwali Night 2013 - Swara
MIT Swara will be presenting a varnam, the traditional start to a Carnatic The Navaragamalika varnam, the piece that will be presented today, is
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Karthik Subramany improvises Raga Abheri at Our Native Village Eco Resort
An awesome evening in a perfect Eco friendly environment with excellent ambience and wonderful audience at Our Native village Eco Resort
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Nagumomu Ganaleni - Abheri by Syamal Tallury
Keertana: Nagumomu Ragam: Abheri Composer: Sri Tyagaraja Meaning: Knowing my sorry plight of being unable to see your smiling face, can't you save me, O
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Nagumomu Ganaleni - Rayaprolu
Kirtana by Tyagabrahmam Amateur
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Composed by Thyagaraja, This fusion version was created to show how Carnatic and Western musical systems can be blended into something
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Bhanumathi::Nagumomu Ganaleni
Well versed in Hindustani and Carnatic music, Bhanumathi Ramakrishna was not only a wonderful singer, but a multi-talented A leading actress, a
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Nagumomu Ganaleni Veena by Mahalakshmi (Mala)
Nagumomu Ganaleni in Veena Veena rendition by: Mahalakshmi Mridangam by: Phani Bhushan This was rendered on Feb 1, 2014 at Aparna Sarovar Club
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May 2013 Roshni & Rithvik perform Nagumomu Galavani at 2013 Utsava Sampradaya Krithulu
May 2013 Roshni & Rithvik perform Nagumomu Galavani at 2013 Utsava Sampradaya
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Rajalakshmi Ramarao(3)
Carnatic classical vocalist - Rajalakshmi Ramarao,
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Jagadhodharana-Carnatic Fusion- Chandramouli
Great song by the great Shri Purandara This is a humble attempt at a hip hop carnatic fusion Music and Vocals: Chandramouli mp3 on soundcloud:
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Fusion Club 12 Years Acid Wars
ca 08:38
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Release - Fusion Sounds
A decent house track by fusion sounds, enjoy =) If you like hit
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Nagumo + Tanha Dil - Fusion
Nagumo + Tanha Dil - Fusion performed by 'The Chords' - UST Global Music Club at the Rainbow 2003 cross cultural event held at Travancore Hall, Technopark
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Nagumo - Sabari Girish
Nagumo - performed by Sabari Girish at the AshtaLakshmi Temple, North Hollywood, CA Raaga - Abheri, Taala - Adi Mridangam - Srinivasan Violin - Kiran
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Carnatic Classical Fusion (Orajupu) - Aathirai Sivapalan
To Download -- Music By Mugunthan Sivapalan and sung by Aathirai Join FACEBOOK fan site at "Phatwave
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Nagumomu - Abheri - Aadhi - Thyagajarah
Nagumomu Ragam: Abheri Thalam: Aathi Composer: Thyagarajah Arangetram of Selvan Jannagan Jeyakumar Vocal: "Innisai Venthar, Sangeethapooshanam" Shri Pon
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Raga Abheri by Karthik Subramany Live in !
Karthik Subramany‎ improvises Raga
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NEMU-NO-HANA~Sleeping Flower (ねむの花) T.H.Kyoske('狂介'/徳永博彰)
Written by thKyoske, lyrics by Asako, vocal by Ayako Nagumo and piano by Helena Ayako was the first vocalist of 'MACO', a Japanese avantgarde pop
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[Electro] - DD11 - Bam Bam (Fusion Music Edit) [Fusion Music Release]
[Electro] - DD11 - Bam Bam (Fusion Music Edit) [Fusion Music Release] THIS VIDEO HAS
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Vatapi Ganapathim Bhaje-Hamsadhwani-IWC 2013-Instrumental-Live Performance-Carnatic Whistling-Charun
This is my whistling performance of Vatapi Ganapathim Bhaje in the Ragam Hamsadhwani composed by Muthuswamy Dikshitar performed at the International
Endaro Mahanubavulu Kadari Gopalnath Carnatic Fusion
From the album Dream Journey by Kadari Gopalnath and his Son Manikanth Fusion version of the carnatic classical song Endaro Mahanubavulu originally
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Jordan Jackson - Arts In Fusion Interview
Hit me up at @ladyjjackson Interview of Jordan Jackson with Rebeca Riofrio of Arts in
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Carnatic on Keyboard - Nagumomu - Anjana Srinivas
Anjana Srinivas playing Nagumomu on keyboard at the Navaratri cultural program at Shiva Vishnu Temple, San Diego, on 10th, Accompanying on the
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Reflexo da Geada
Brazillian Fusion Music, original composition, winter scenes, poetry, Aria Pro II Titan-40, landscape, rare valvulate Alex 1963 MAB bass, natural
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Call my Name
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Luis Fusion -Te Esperaria
Hosanna | Fusion Rock camp 2013 RECONNECT
Campband Hosanna na Fusion Rock campu 2013 RECONNECT ve Valašském Meziříčí Original song from Hillsong -
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Arjun Subramaniam - Vellai Thamarai - Abheri
Deepavali concert at SR Fine Arts, San Jose, CA Song
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Dr Balamuralikrishna's ever young 'Nagumomu'
Dr Balamuralikrishna's rendering of Tyagaraja's 'nagumomu'
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Hands Up Trailer by Fusion
Trailer of forthcoming music video Song available on iTunes:
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Folk Fusion Corner House - Traditional Irish Music
more folk fusion playing live traditional Irish music, really enjoyed listening to
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