Mc Shan And Krs One Mc Shan Vs Krs One Mp3 Download / 2014-04-20

KRS-One vs MC Shan from the BEEF DVD
Here's a snippet of a classic battle between legends that put the Bronx & Queens at odds & spawned classic dis songs such as "The Bridge is Over" by
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KRS-One & MC Shan interview
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DJ Definition Presents: Battles on Wax Vol.1 MC Shan VS KRS One (Full Battle)
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KRS-One vs MC Shan
KRS-One vs MC
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Domingo. Bamboo , Feel-x, Ft, Godsons, KRS One, MC Shan, Ras Kass, Sinz Of Reality: Line of Fire
Behind the doors of the thirteenth
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Hip-Hop History, Classic Battle between KRS_ONE and THE OLD DIRTY This is a battle i will never forget live at the Roseland
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This is when the old school came back for a minute - mainly because hip-hop got large and they wanted to remind the new comers what they
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KRS-One (BDP) - The Bridge is Over (Legendado) Diss Juice Crew
Boogie Down Productions e Juice Crew iniciaram uma guerra notavel no Hip-Hop, tendo inico após, um membro do Juice Crew dizer que o hip-hop começou no
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MC Shan - Kill That Noise
Track 4 from Down By Produced by Marley
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KRS-One feat. MC Shan-South Bronx/MCs Act Like They Don't Know (ATL 5/21/09)
Showing how grown men handle friendly competition, MC Shan assists KRS by playing hypeman during the classic diss against him "South Bronx" and the DJ
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BEEF: История диссов (выпуск 3) [Krs-One vs. MC Shan]
Третий выпуск фильма "BEEF", в переводе от
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Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth/ KRSONE vs. M.C. Shan-Sprite commerc
Sprite commercials from 1994-1996, the "Obey your thirst" Shan gets destroyed by Bronx representin!!!
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MC Shan - The Bridge
Track 3 from Down By Produced by Marley
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Boogie Down Productions-The Bridge is over
Boogie Down Productions P & DJ Red Alert -The Bridge is over The Bridge is Over - Boogie Down Productions (1987) - When MC Shan responded to BDP's "South
KRS-1 - The Bridge Is Over (1987 Music )(lyrics in description)
Voxer & KiK - JayNoteZ
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Old School Beats MC Shan - The Bridge
The hip hop war between The South Bronx and started hip hop? When real heart was put into the culture!!
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KRS-One VS. Roxanne Shante [BDP VS. Juice Crew]
Where did hip hop truly originate? In the mid-80's, MC Shan and producer/DJ Marley Marl seemed to imply that the New York borough of Queens should get the
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MC Shan - Left Me Lonely [Official ]
MC Shan - Left Me Lonely (featTJ Swan) 1987 Link to the Official Old School Hip Hop page on facebook:
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KRS-One threatens Protégé MC Funky J, says "I'll kill you!" and that he loves "beating white boys"
Stop The Violence aka The Teacha, KRS-One threatens Protégé MC Funky J, says "I'll kill you!" and that he loves "beating white boys" going against the
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MC Shan's True Stories Vol. I not staged at all
MC Shan responds to Masta
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MC Shan's Response to Marley
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KRS ONE of BDP "LIVE" Mini Concert "The Bridge is Over/ Black Cop"
The Legendary KRS ONE of BDP performs at Harlem 125 Mini Concert "The Bridge is Over" "Black Cop" circa 1993 "The Bridge Is Over" is a 1987 song by Boogie
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KRS ONE vs MC SHAN (Popular Musicology)
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KRS One, MC Shan, Godsons, Ras Kass, FT, Bamboo, Feel X & Sinz Of Reality - Line Of Fire
KRS One, MC Shan, Godsons, Ras Kass, FT, Bamboo, Feel X & Sinz Of Reality - Line Of Fire No copyright is claimed in this content and to the extent that
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MC Shan - Let's Bring Hip-Hop Back (Official ) 2012
Let's bring it back! Old-school still has it!
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KRS ONE - The MC (Method Man)
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Mc Shan D.J. Marley Marl 1987 Interview WNYU Rap This
MC Shan (born Shawn Moltke September 9, 1965 in Long Island City, Queens, New York City) is an American He is best known for his song "The Bridge"
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MC Shan - Time For Us To Defend Ourselves
1989 Album: "Play It Again Shan"
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MC Shan- Don't Call It A Comeback
Since I couldn't find it on NOTICE: "Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for
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MC Shan - The Bridge
Producer - Marley Marl 1986 , Bridge Records Lyrics: Ladies and Gentleman We got MC Shan and Marley Marl in the house tonight They just came from off tour
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MC Shan - Pocket Money (Queensbridge Park 2007)
MC Shan playing "Pocket Money" live in Queensbridge Park, New York City on August 14,
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M.C. Shan - Feed The World 1985
MCA Records
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MC Shan Give Me My Freedom
Born To Be
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MC Shan - Don't Mean a Thing
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KRS-One - The MC + Love's Gonna Get'cha, Live With Background Dancers
Recorded live @ SOBs
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