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Seandainya (puisi karya Sharifah Idora)-instrumental piano SrIDeWa75.
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Kitaro - Caravansary
Enjoy ^^
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Relaxing Music ( Instrumental Piano )
You are always gonna be my love Now and forever YOU are still the
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Fernando Pereira - Piano In The Forest (Instrumental Relaxing) [Original , 2007]
Title of the piece: Piano in the Composed by me (Fernando Pereira Aratti) with FL Studio in January MP3 file:
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LAGU UNTUK AYAH / Instrumental Version By BEB ASHARI
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musikalisasi puisi AKU - CHAIRIL ANWAR ( cover by hebi )
sorry i dont have a good voice and good i really like this
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sayonara dan puisi perpisahan " Pelepasan Siswa Kelas IX "
Acara pelepasan siswa kelas IX 28 mei tahun 2011 Guru dan siswa saling
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Sound Track cerita Syurga Cinta berlatar belakangkan keindahan alam ciptaan
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Al I'tirof _ Haddad Alwi & Sulis
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Kebyar-Kebyar - gombloh (gitar akustik) by Nicholas SK
Solo Gitar (acoustic guitar fingerstyle) Title : Kebyar-Kebyar (Gombloh) Arrangement & Play by Nicholas Surya Kenchana Solo Gitar, Solo Guitar, Guitar
Teman Sekolah / Lagu Perpisahan Sekolah
SEKALIGUS PERPISAHAN VOKAL TINGGI YANG SEKARANG SUDAH BERUBAH (sayang sekali) - best memory on SDN Taman Cibodas 2007-2008 Tangerang that what song is all
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Lagu romantis ( romantic song )
song for my wife, even though I do not know who? :) I will sing this song at my wedding ^_^
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Instrumental kapok-lagu sedih di subuh hari [Skill gitar]
This video was taken last nite was we play carrom, and then i suggest to my friend(padil) to play some mellow
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