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J. Blackfoot - Just One Lifetime
In honor of black history month for the entire month I will feature some of the greatest black artists in musical history covering different genre's of
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J Blackfoot - Just One Lifetime
This not my song nor are all of the This is off his 1991 album I dig his raw soul style! This is a cool song Give it a try and
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J. Blackfoot - Just One Lifetime
Blackfoot from his 1991 album Loveaholic, "Just One Lifetime" is definitely one smooth and soulful I own no rights to this song, but I love good
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J Blackfoot - I stood on the sidewalk
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J Blackfoot - Two Different People
Blackfoot - Two Different
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J. Blackfoot feat Sir Charles Jones -Im Just A Fool For You
Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting,
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J Blackfoot-Taxi
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The Soul Children-Just One Moment
The Soul Children-Just One
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J Blackfoot - Losers weepers
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Blackfoot was one of several artists that performed at Willie Mitchell's Memorial Service on January 13th, 2010 at Hope Presbyterian Church in
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J Blackfoot - Don't You Feel It Like I Feel It
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All Because of What You Did To Me - J. Blackfoot
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May The Best Man Win - Lynn White & J. Blackfoot
Various Artists - The Rhythm & The Blues Audio Cassette 2 Released: 1991 Track Listing: Side 1: Misty Blue - Dorothy Moore Cheatin' In The Next Room -
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The Legendary Jay BlackFoot Speaks About His Climb To Stardum & His New Single,Titled, "Whoof,Whoof Meow
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J Blackfoot Funeral Procession Into Cemetery
J Blackfoot Funeral Motorcade Entering Memorial Park Cemetery Memphis,
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TAXI (J. Blackfoot) 青山ハルヒロ&ヒトミトキオ(The Fave Raves)
SOUL CONNECTION 2012年4月21日(土) @赤坂カンティーナ 出演/曽我愛子、矢口壹琅&横浜ロッカーズ、 青山ハルヒロ&ヒトミトキオ(The Fave Raves) 主催/(株)TSW 企画/The Soul Way Route 66 The Fave
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VID-20120729-00026 Just one lifetime of loving you honey wont be long enough
Who sings this-i do not claim any
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J. Blackfoot, , Singing "Taxi".mov
Blackfoot Singing His Hit Song "Taxi", with Warren Miller on backup Videotaped by Leroy Morgan in
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J. Blackfoot — One Of Those Parties (1983)
12/4 気持ちの良い青空満開の一日でした。 暖かく、いっぱい写真を撮りました。 音楽は、12/2に65歳で亡くなってしまったJ.Blackfootを偲んで、彼の曲「Meow」
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J Blackfoot - Tear Jerker
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Jay Blackfoot
A little
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J Blackfoot-I Stood On The Sidewalk
J Blackfoot-I Stood On The
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J. Blackfoot - Halfway in, Halfway out
Blackfoot was nineteen when broke into the music business as lead singer of The Barkays, whose original members had died in the plane crash that also
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1983, Ex lead singer with The Soul Children delivered his debut album [City Slicker], from that came this gem "TAXI" his most successful release
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J. Blackfoot - Don't You Feel It Like I Feel It ('84 Soundtown Records)
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J. Blackfoot- Just Got Paid
Blackfoot, the original version of Just got
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Taxi - J. Blackfoot
From the 1988 compilation "Down Home Blues"
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j.black foot-taxi
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Taxi J Blackfoot
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J Blackfoot-She's Only Human
J Blackfoot-She's Only
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J. Blackfoot - Your Mouth Wrote a Check
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J*Blackfoot * Taxi ) 1983)
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