Bungong Jeumpa Melly Manuhutu Mp3 Download / 2014-04-20

Bungong Jeumpa (Mellyana Manuhutu)
"Bungong Jeumpa" from Mellyana Manuhutu's debut album "Mellyana" (Wave Records Japan, 1990) Artist: Mellyana Manuhutu Music & Lyrics: NN (original), Guest
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Yamko Rambe Yamko (Mellyana Manuhutu feat. Eddy)
"Yamko Rambe Yamko" from Mellyana Manuhutu's debut album "Mellyana" (Wave Records Japan, 1990) Artists: Mellyana Manuhutu Eddy Music & Lyrics: NN
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Cingcangkeling (Mellyana Manuhutu feat. Iwa K)
"Cingcangkeling" from Mellyana Manuhutu's 1st international album "Mellyana" (Wave Records Japan, 1990)
Satu Cinta (Mellyana Manuhutu)
Mellyana's Guardians presents "The 100 Greatest Indonesian R&B/Soul/Hip Hop/Rap Songs of All Time" In this video Song: Satu Cinta Music & Lyrics: Yudis
DownloadDownload Full Album03:52 min | 3.62MB
Ada Cinta (Mellyana Manuhutu)
"Ada Cinta" from Mellyana Manuhutu's 3rd album or 1st Indonesian album "Melly Manuhutu" (BMG Music Indonesia, 1999) Music & Lyrics: Andre Hehanussa Produced
DownloadDownload Full Album04:23 min | 4.11MB
Lembe Lembe (Mellyana Manuhutu feat. Iwa K)
"Lembe Lembe" from Mellyana Manuhutu's 2nd international album "Beatify" (Wave Records Japan, 1992)
DownloadDownload Full Album04:39 min | 4.36MB
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