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Like all poets after Bharathi, lyricist Vairamuthu has been deeply influenced by his verses, often adopting his persona in person and on Listen in as
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MahaKavi Bharathiar kavidhaigal - A tribute with Making of Bharatiar Songs for LIFCO
This is Sathya's Tribute to Maha Kavi Bharathiar scoring music for the great composer's verses and arranging the The songs featured in this album are
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Varalatru Kavingargal kannadasan, bharathiyar, bharadidasan
Kavingargal blog having bharathiyar kavithaigal, kannadasan padalgal, Visit blog:
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Bharathiyar Song: Acham Thavir
One of my favorite Bharathiyar song "Acham My special thank to director Mishkin for used this song in his film Also I want to thank
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Maha Kavi Bharathiyar - Mogaththai Konru vidu
பாரதியாரின் அற்புதமான "மோகத்தை கொன்று விடு
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Marburg b(u)y Night 201300197 (3)
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A soulful penned by the great tamil poet bharathiyar , music by ilayaraja and sung by bombay jayashree in the movie
Bhooloka KumariBy Mahakavi Bharathiyar
PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL Bhooloka Kumari By Mahakavi Bharathiyar Translated by Ramachander (This is one of those rare songs written by Mahakavi
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YAmarindha Mozhihalile,Vazhiya Senthamizh Bharathiyar Padalhal Sudha Ragunathan
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Amritha Sekhar - Subramania Bharatiyar
Chuttum vizhi sudarthan -
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Paayum oli nee enakku
NalandaWay's Art Arattai Aarpattam 2009 - Inaugural Concert Performers: Anil Srinivasan, Navin Iyer, Naresh Iyer, Sikkhil Gurucharan, Rakesh Raghunathan,
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நின்னை சரணடைந்தேன்- பாரதியார்
நின்னை சரணடைந்தேன் , கண்ணம்மா நின்னை சரணடைந்தேன் பொன்னை , உயர்வை , புகழை விரும்பிடும் என்னை கவலைகள் தின்ன தகதென நின்னை சரணடைந்தேன் , கண்ணம்மா நின்னை
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மகாகவி பாரதியார் - Mahakavi Bharathiyar Art by Latchu
Disclaimer: This Video is not for commercial purpose**** Chinnaswami Subramanya Bharathi (December 11, 1882 -- September 11, 1921) Popularly known as
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Mahakavi Bharathiyar's ' Manathil Uruthi Vendum from Venduvana ' tuned and sung by Vijith Anandh B
Manathil uruthi vendum vaakkinile inimai vendum ninaivu nalladhu vendum nerunggina porul kai pada vendum kanavu mei pada vendum kai vasamaavadhu viraivil
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Shri Lalgudi G. Jayaraman's Sri Jagadeeswari Durga - Ahir Bhairavi - by Sriram Sridhar
International Women's Association Award Function - Sriram Sridhar Solo with Srivanchiam Sriram on Mridangam and Chandrasekhara Sarma on Ghatam in
Agni Kunjondru Kanden - Bharathi Movie Tamil Song
Agni Kunjondru Kanden - Bharathi Movie Tamil Watch Tamil Song, Agni Kunjondru Kanden from the film, Starring: Sayaji Shinde, Devayani,
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Bharathiyar Poem - Achamillai Achamillai
Bharathiyar Song - Thedi Soru Nidham Thindru and Achamillai Performance by Vishal Thyagarajan at Dayton Tamil
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தேடிச் சோறுநிதந் தின்று...
தேடிச் சோறுநிதந் தின்று பல சின்னஞ் சிறுகதைகள் பேசி மனம் வாடித் துன்பமிக உழன்று பிறர் வாடப் பல செயல்கள் செய்து நரை கூடிப் கிழப்பருவம் எய்தி கொடுங் கூற்றுக்
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Mahakavi Bharathiyar's ' Kannama En Kathali ' tuned and sung by Vijith Anandh B
Suttum vizhi sudar than Kannamma Suriye chandiraro? Your eyes are so sharp and full of fire, Kannamma Like the Sun or Moon? Vattakkariye vizhi - Kannamma!
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Kevin's Tamil Mozhi Pechu Potti Speech about Kannadasan
Kevin won the third prize in the Tamil Mozhi Pechu Potti organized by Arizona Tamil Sangam and he will be receiving the award and certificate from Thiru
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1 Ellapugazhum
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Vellai Thamarai by Nandita
My try at this wonderful song called Vellai Thamarai by Maha Kavi Bharathiar praising Goddess Thank you for listening :)
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Mahakavi Bharati's lyrics in praise of Saraswati - set to music and sung by Kanniks Kannikeswaran (1995) - in raga
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Stress-management through Garbage Clearing (Tamil Version)
This is the Tamil version of my talk on the use of Garbage Clearing technique for
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Bombay Jayashree -Oscar Nominee - Life of Pi Song
CONGRATULATIONS on her song being nominated for Singer: Bombay Jayashree Movie: Life of Pi Music Director : Mychael Danna Jayashri Ramnath (popularly
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Tamizhukkum amudhendru paer
A sweet melody from the 1960's movie
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Harithaa Tamil Competition 2012
Harithaa telling "Vellai Nirathoru poonai" in Tamil Competition
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Pi's Lullaby - Life of Pi - Bombay Jayashree - Tamil Song
Nominated for 11 Oscars Sung by :- Bombay Jayashree Composer :- Mychael Danna File Size :- 9mb Format :- MP3
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Krish Tamil kavithai competition
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Bethel South East District Convocation 13 Feb 2010 #4
Bethel South East District Convocation 13 Feb 2010
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Thuli Thuli Official Music 2013
Thuli Thuli is a romantic breezy song composed by Vishal Ramakrishnan and has been sung by Rajagopalan Ganesan and guitars by Nishanth Technical
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2010 Georgia Tech Band vs NC State - Halftime 2
Caribe La Fiesta One More Time Chuck
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2010 Georgia Tech Band vs Clemson - Halftime
One More Time Chuck Corea and Spanish
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தமிழ்த்தாய் வாழ்த்து - Tamil Thai Vazhthu
தமிழ்த்தாய் வாழ்த்து - This song was adopted by the Government of Tamil Nadu as the national song of all It is known as "Tamil Thai It
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Tamil Patriotic song- Bharatha Desamendru- Srimathumitha
Singer Srimathumitha sings Bharatha Desamendru penned by Mahakavi Subramanya Bharathi and popularised by Bharat Ratna MS Subbulakshmi on SUN TV Aug 15
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Midnight Bud - The Horse - North Ave
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Sri Ramana Vibho - Padmabhushan Trichur V. Ramachandran
Gathering at Thyageesananda Auditorium giving Felicitations to our Vivekodayam Old Student from 1945 to 1955 Padmabhushan Trichur Trichur,
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