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Virginia's Song - Love It For What It Is (Venustribes Album 7 Colours)
Hi! VenusTRIBES just finished second album '7 Colours' published via 'Virginia's Song - Love It For What It Is' is an adaptation from Michael
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String Quartet No. 5 by Michael Cunningham
Footage of Michael Cunningham's "String Quartet 5" December 15, 2011 recording session with the New England String Quartet at the Shalin Liu in Rockport
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Cry So Much Billy Hough (cameo apprearance/ Michael Cunnigham)
From the album
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The Apple Tree - Nina Nesbitt cover ~ michael cunningham
The apple tree
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Specimen Days (Part 3-Like Beauty)
Hi guys :) I wrote this song after reading a novel called "Specimen I name this song "My Nadian is a green lizard-looking Simon, a
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2013-07-12, Michael Franti, Bristow VA, Hey Hey Hey
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The Aftershocks (The Breaks) Prosperous - Live 3/27/10
The Aftershocks ( Known then as The Breaks) "Prosperous" live at Relay 4 Life
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Beautiful song to say THANK U to soldiers and raise money for them and their families, from a hot new rock band BIG STAR
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Michael Richard Plowman - Very Fairy Christmas
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Radio Drama "Speed Cruiser" 1:3:09
Speed Cruiser live at Broadway - Amityville NY
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Cottonwood Jam String Band playing at Findlay Riverside Concert
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20Th Century Fox Home Entertainment Logo
I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor
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Bob N' Charlie - Official
"Bob N' Charlie" the second single by Ka tet off their debut album Download the track for free here -
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20Th Century Fox Logo With Effects
I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor
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A Wagner Matinee excerpt
This is an excerpt of a longer work called "A Wagner Matinee" by Laura Diffenderfer/Oh Dear Dance, with music and sound design by Matt McBane, based on a
Day 6: Civil Disobedience
"Do not go gentle into that good Dylan Thomas Change doesn't happen in a vacuum and it certainly doesn't happen Opposition against social
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Folk Song: The Bonnie Ship 'The Diamond'
'The Bonnie Ship 'The Diamond' Oh, 'The Diamond' is a ship me lads For the Davis Straits she's bound, Her decks they are all garnered With bonnie lassies
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Three Hebrew Psalms: Psalm 103 - John Hudson
Graduate Composition Recital of John Hudson April 1, 2011 Psalm 103 (Bareki naphshi eth Adoni) Bless the Lord, O my soul Lauren Cunningham, soprano John
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The Remains Of The Day, A Portrait Returns - Darlington Hall - End Credits (Richard Robbins)
The Remains of the Day is a 1993 Merchant Ivory film adapted by Ruth Prawer Jhabvala from the novel by Kazuo It was directed by James Ivory and
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30 Seconds: Peeping Tom 7/21/06
30 second recording of Peeping Tom performing "Mojo" at the Great American Music Hall, San Francisco, CA, on July 21st,
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Talk Fiction News
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The return of really low budget Star Trek: The Next Generation
A birthday gift for my Previously:
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Nashe - Come Back
Watch in HD for better sound quality :) Here goes another one 'Letter to my prodigal son'
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Maximum Oeuvredrive: Every Stephen King Film in one song
Based on the novel "IT", this song is from the musical "The Opera House of Blood": in small town Maine, an ancient evil sleeps beneath the streets; an
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