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Aftercoma - Berontak Lyrics
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Aftercoma - Berontak (cover by Riyan Warisman)
this video is just for fun, i'm a newbie in drums, but ENJOY!!!! :) "HIDUP INI TAK BERARTI TANPA PERLAWANAN" (AFTERCOMA) \m/
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Aftercoma - Jelaga (Official )
Director : Gio Blackbox DOP : Gio, BomBom, Ojo, Okit, Eky of Fireworkprod Edited by : Gio Additional Editing and coloring by : Fatwerks Producer : Fatwerks
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Aftercoma - Berontak (Live At The Bla Bla Bla Fest)
Aftercoma - Berontak (Live At The Bla Bla Bla Fest) early 2010, this the first show of Ferry joined as our new
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Aftercoma - Berontak (cover by Rizki)
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Aftercoma - Dalam Gelap MUsic Lirik
Aftercoma - Dalam Gelap MUsic Video
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Aftercoma - Berontak (guitar cover) by Chew
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Aftercoma - Raga Terbakar
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AFTERCOMA - Raga Terbakar
AFTERCOMA @RadioShow_tvOne
A gig from AFTERCOMA band @RadioRoadShow_tvOne, UNIVERSITAS MPU TANTULAR Jakarta, 8 Juli *** NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED Copyright © 2012
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Aftercoma - Berontak (unofficial )
this is the unofficial music video from Aftercoma, this video contains live footage of the
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Aftercoma feat. Ipang Lazuardi - Raga Terbakar (Live @Radio[road]Show - tvOne)
Recorded: 8 Juli
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Sorry for the sound so noisy because of too much gain
Aftercoma - Dalam Gelap
live @Jak Cloth Jakarta
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aftercoma guitar cover_raga terbakar
iseng iseng
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AFTERCOMA - Berontak (Indie Movement Fest - 2012).
"INDIE MOVEMENT FEST 2012" Gasibu - Bandung, 24 - 25 November
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AFTERCOMA Raga Terbakar Indie Movement Fest 2012
"INDIE MOVEMENT FEST 2012" Gasibu - Bandung, 24 - 25 November
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Torture Jack - We've Lost All Wars (Aftercoma vocal cover)
Hi, this is my second vocal In this vocal cover, I use two kinds of recordings, which is my main vocal (a rather clean vocal and my growl and scream)
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We've Lost All Wars
Live @Kickfest Yogyakarta
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Aftercoma - Berontak (Cover By Forsucken_Metal)
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GM Project-Berontak (Aftercoma)
Vocal : Andik Bass : Zuer Drum : Anez Guitar 1 : Dewien Guitar 2 :
Aftercoma - dalam gelap @ Bandung Rock In Fest
Aftercoma - dalam gelap @ Bandung Rock In
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Aftercoma - Jelaga Lyrics
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Struggle alone - Dalam gelap & berontak (cover) "AFTERCOMA"
Lagu berontak dari miliknya aftercoma ini yang membawa struggle alone menjadi juara 3 di festival pelajar se-kota tarakan, ini persembahan kami !
Aftercoma Dalam Gelap Vocal Cover
Sorry, kalo banyak timing yang gak pas heheh \m/ Follow me on twitter :
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AFTERCOMA BERONTAK Cover vokal cewe BY kingdom of the heaven live ciwidey
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Never 4 Berontak (AFTERCOMA Cover)
Live at #GISTING BERGEMA FEST 2013 Gisting, Tanggamus, Lampung,
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Aftercoma - Drums Solo by UUS
Drums Solo performance by UUS drummer of Aftercoma during their show @Jak Cloth Jakarta
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NEVER 4 - Berontak (AFTERCOMA cover)
Live at #DISTORTION OF Pringsewu, Lampung,
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Uus AFTERCOMA Live on AGC & BNB Booth at Bandung Berisik V
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Aftercoma - Dalam Gelap Lyrics
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VERTIGO - Berontak (aftercoma cover) @aula UIN SGD Bandung
Follow fuckin we @VERTIGO_666 hell yeah mother
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Uus aftercoma/Medusa live at Subangmetalfest (song 1 cover MEDUSA).AVI
Punten bilih video na gote hehe maklum ngarekam na pake kamera butut :D mangga di chek oge kasadayana lagu band abi :
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Arms Of Sorrow Covering "BERONTAK" Aftercoma STT Tekstil Nov'11
having fun \m/
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