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The LEGENDofTHUNDER Theme song (Full version)
legend of thunder theme song created by - Link to download this
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Bring on The Thunder (LEGENDofTHUNDER)
I did not write this song, sing the song, nor am I responsible for the contents of the Singer's Channel :
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New Call Of Duty Song "Thunder Reigns" @Ereez & @Redhooknoodles {CT Hardened}
Huge shout out to Noodles and Ereez for making this happen! Also thank you to Elgato for hooking me up with the new HD capture device! Hope you all enjoy
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Link de download da música:
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hope you like my ms paint back ground lol Thunders Channel - Never miss a Video on my Main Channel -
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"The Legend of Thunder Theme Song" on Piano (by me :D)
WAY BETTER VERSION: [CLICK!] For the Greatest Musician on YouTube (and composer of this),
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Bring on The Thunder LEGENDofTHUNDER
Bring on The Thunder
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Ereez - Thunder Reigns (Black Ops 2 Rap/Rock Song) - The M.E.R.S.E. (v4)
= Most Epic Rap Song Ever This is a theme song I made for: Ereez
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Feel the music aka gunga's! Original:
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New LEGENDofTHUNDER Song, Astraphobia (Not A Montage)
Name Of Band - Colfax - Astraphobia (The Legend of Thunder Theme Song) A storm is coming So stay inside You're already
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Dead Ops Arcade Theme Song
(Song is owned by Treyarch)
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Second Chance Song By Miracle Of Sound (BlopShot)
Link to buy this song and many other great songs from Gavin (Miracleofsound) Link to Gavin On The Escapist -
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LEGENDofTHUNDER theme song drum cover
all rights of the song to the Miracle of Sound and 402Thunder402 LEGENDofTHUNDER THUNDERS account: Miracle of
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Thunder And Noobs
Please subscribe , like , and comment
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The Legend Lives - Thunder Ram
The Legend Lives - Thunder
Red Clay and Wattage - Runnin' [Official Music ]
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A Call Of Duty Song (Bring On The Thunder)
is the link for download, just create a account and click the icon that looks like a floppy disk PLEASE CHECK
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Contact us for custom theme songs ranging from $35-$85 , twitter/doomkilla92 Xbox live gamer tag
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Our Theme Song - how mountain girls can love
Grizwald Videos Steve and Craig with The
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The Legen of Thunder
Twitter: Link channel:
bring on the thunder
please subscribe for more music! and please do not flag!!! or report!!!
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Shangri la- Theme song
this is the secret song for the Black Ops zombies map Shangri La hope you like
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MarkofJ Remix "Lets go Cujos!"
Finally found time to make another one :) And ofc used with 100% MarkofJ MarkofJ is by far the most fun to remix, everything he says is practically
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Alien Challenge OST - Burnie's Theme
Alien Challenge OST - Stevareno's Theme
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Battlefield 3 (Thunder Run)
Composed by Johan Skugge & Jukka Rintamaki EA (C)
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Funnyboyswagg Theme songs for NBA 2K 13 and COD BLACK OPS
lets go like this video and subs to my channel for more of my theme
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LA Riots - Johnny Cage's Theme
The theme song created for Johnny Cage of Mortal Kombat This song is a part of the free music download received when buying Mortal Kombat: Komplete
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Black Ops 2 Zombies Main Menu Theme Song
Read The
Black Ops 2 Multiplayer Theme Song Adrenaline
This is the offical song!!!! Subscribe for more songs!!!!
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COD song
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Elpresador Remix "Im a Beast!"
Hope you like it, gone deaf in one ear from making it lol More Remixes on the way! Bee Sting! Check out my other remixes on my page :) Check out my Game
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Call of Duty: Ghosts Theme Song
i cant wait, can YOU? Don`t forget to subscribe if you want more! I do not own this
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Black Ops 2 Main Menu Theme Song
Read The
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The Weather Song Dubstep Remix (Unfinished) V1
Unfinished dubstep remix of the infamous Weather *shudder*
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Mw3 theme song
Mw3 theme
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